Jun. 7, 2017

ShareIt: Share your files Via SHAREIT!!

In today’s fast-paced world, man has become a machine. Nowadays, keyboards run faster than time and materialistically, every man makes the best possible attempt to win in each and every second of life. In the world, where text messages replaced letters, movie theater tickets got replaced by just clicking a downloading option; man somewhere became a machine. This was not enough. With the help of technology, man has boldly discovered sharing apps too, in order to lessen up the time span. Meanwhile, Bluetooth got replaced. Change is perhaps constant and with every development comes new hope! Hope to betterment! This development leads to provide some sharing applications for users. Thus, discovering a new trend in the world of gray!

Seamless sharing options have been offered to the users, and ShareIt stands to be the best wireless sharing software till date. Meanwhile, ShareIt is giving a crucial competition to other sharing apps like Xender. Let us discuss the history of ShareIt.


Serving best in transferring files and documents, ShareIt stands to be the best wireless sharing tool till date. Those products which support multi-platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS, ShareIt is used vastly. This ‘anyshare’ app was first launched in China in 2012 in the month of June. ShareIt transfers files from ad-hoc Wi-Fi connections. In the recent years, Share it is available in 39 languages which also includes Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian and most importantly English.


ShareIt is designed for users in order to provide a seamless and easy transferring option. ShareIt serves best in transferring important file documents. In the field of domestic purpose, ShareIt is a master! Sharing high-quality pictures, video, and movies by eliminating the needs of cable, Bluetooth or even phone network, ShareIt remains constant to be the best. But why would anyone believe it without any proper information? Well, for that purpose, this article is written! First and foremost, for Android, the compact capacity is only 5.6 MB. Second, large files and videos transfer easily within few seconds. Whether it’s video, movies or high-quality images, everything can be shared if you have ShareIt installed. Third and fortunately, internet connection is absolutely not needed to use the app Shareit. Fourth, with just a click on ‘invite,' t you can invite your friends easily in Shareit. Last but not the least, ShareIt consists of a simple and easy interface. This helps the users to share file without any confusion.


Perfection is meant to be just an illusion. Nothing is perfect in this world, so how can ShareIt be? Well, just close to perfection, ShareIt too has some defects, or limitations, to be more appropriate. The first being virus and malware. It may or may not be present in Shareit. Second, it cannot support in MAC OS X. If all the devices have ShareIt installed in then sharing option is available. Aside from the limitations, ShareIt is just wonderfully seamless. Users who are going to install ShareIt must be sure of the app first. Be careful of the virus and malware threats as this kind of apps may hack your information; thereby giving you all the more trouble. Besides, SharIt is just absolutely fine.